#WhatIf we connected deeply with the experiences of our children and young people.

‘Beta (son), I never wanted this day to come. I’m sorry. I need you to come to work with me.’ Mihir looked up from his drawing, expressionless and saw for the first time, tears in his fathers…

#WhatIf we questioned why we come to school?

As children, as educators, as parents, there is something about schools that runs deeper in a community, makes it a truly integral part of our lives.

- We thought it was all about the curriculum and so we’ve been searching for the…

What if Schools are lively, creative, natural spaces of shared connection, exploration and creation that nurture and nourish everyone

Sanjana comes to school with her younger brother Jai each morning a little before 8:15 am. She helped her mom clean the house and get Jai ready for the day. The…

Romana Shaikh

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